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Applying Functional Medicine

in Clinical Practice  

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The most comprehensive Functional Medicine training available, is now available in both in-person and online format. Click here


AFMCP synthesizes the latest medical research with a model of care that integrates each patient’s individual history, genetics, and lifestyle factors. AFMCP equips clinicians to design effective, personalized treatment plans for each patient. Using case-studies, experienced Functional Medicine educators show learners how to apply IFM’s easy-to-use tools to improve outcomes for patients with chronic disease.

AFMCP Online (35 Hours / 90-Day Timeframe)






AFMCP Onsite (5 Day Course)


What Clinicians Will Learn at AFMCP

  • Established and emerging diagnostics, therapeutics, and prevention strategies.

  • How to design nutritional and lifestyle interventions to improve patient compliance and outcomes.

  • How to utilize innovative and practical assessment tools to assess, diagnose, and treat patients from a Functional Medicine approach.

  • Methods to establish a mutually empowering partnership between clinician and patient.

  • The scientific basis for Functional Medicine principles and a systems approach to fundamental clinical imbalances.

  • How to apply key elements of the Functional Medicine Model in clinical practice.



“Is AFMCP Online Right for Me?”


NEXT INTAKE FOR STUDENTS –  before 5 November 2018


To become an IFM Member

Physician – MD, DO, DC, ND

Non -Physician – all other degrees


Standard Price $2850, 00

Standard Price $2330, 00

FMSA (Non-Member of IFM)

Our Price $2350, 00

Our Price $1830, 00

FMSA (Member of IFM)

Our Price $2065, 00

Our Price $1597, 00

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