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About Functional Medicine South Africa

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Functional Medicine

Online Courses

Over the course of 10 years, FMSA hosted more than 20 CPD accredited one-day International Seminars by eminent speakers and pioneers of FM from the USA and UK, reflecting on the 7 nodes of Functional Medicine.

These world- renowned speakers brought a wealth of information to our shores and demonstrated the possibility of integrating Functional Medicine tools and programs into all Healthcare disciplines. Functional Medicine provides a common language and a unified model to facilitate integrated care.

In 2012 FMSA hosted the faculty of AFMCP (the first ever onsite (in SA) and second (in the world in an international setting) Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice- a collaboration with the Institute of Functional Medicine. This memorable 5 -day course at the base of Table Mountain had a profound impact on practitioners in South Africa across the many disciplines that attended. It was followed soon after by 2 three day events from the faculty of Functional Nutrition at IFM.

FMSA continues to provide and partner with organizations to help bring cutting edge FM education and up-to-date training, through a multitude of online event.

Some of these events include:

  • AFMCP -online, (35 hours of highly interactive video in a 90-day course at any time of the day, from any location with internet)

  • Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (a dynamic innovative Health Coach Training program, an industry changer that has offered a new skillset in Coaching through the Functional medicine model)

  • Ongoing CPD accredited webinars and podcasts from the Metagenics Institute,

  • Living Matrix, (a practice efficiency tools system, saving time for healthcare providers and storing data of FM cases,


  • Functional Forum (the world’s largest online integrative medicine conference on the first Monday of every month), this new concept in practitioner education, “medutainment”, brings together the latest health news, functional medicine research, practice development and health technology in an upbeat, entertaining way.


  • Access to Functional Medicine Testing Laboratories that may make a profound difference to the diagnosis and outcome of the patients’ conditions and


  • Access to the world’s foremost supreme quality science- based medical foods, supplements and nutraceuticals.

  • Social Media Platforms, Forums, Blogs, Hubs, Newsletters connecting practitioners to each other and their patients.

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